An Entry Point

beginning things is never as difficult as continuing them

Here I have, finally, a first stab at a fresh website construction. Ideally this will be a place I can put bits of blog writing about various things I will never get paid to think about, maybe some random thoughts about video games and books, as well have a semi-organized place to put links to writing and non-writing projects and whatnot.

I have a lot of thoughts about the process that I took to get this up and running, and the current state of Hugo (the static site generator I’m using to make these pages) and the internet in general. I was going to put some of them here, but it got far too long. I might flesh that out a bit later, if it still seems worthwhile. For now, I’ll just end with a link to this Anil Dash piece from 6 years ago that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately.