About me and this site


My name is Ardith Betz, and this is the place where I live publicly online, because I hear that’s a thing you should have. All the best people say so! Except for all the other best people who side-eye the concept of online personas. And the other, much more real best people who are telling me to get over this particular paragraph already.

I occasionally do unconstructive things like build a shiny new space for this ghost town of an unused blog. This one I decided to roll myself with the Hugo static-site generator on a tiny DigitalOcean droplet because I am a penny-pinching monster; forcing the virtual server to use swap space like a common peasant, instead of giving it more real memory like it wants.

I also do more invisible things like write terribly unfinished first drafts of short science fiction stories that will likely never be published. I’d be a starving artist, except for the part where I live a life of relative privilege and reasonable comfort and thus am not starving. Also, I’m entirely too lazy to be much of an artist. This all makes for a winning combination, let me tell you.